When you clamor for the truth?

Welcome people from different countries! I want to ask you a single question. You all working, pay taxes and have every right to know the truth about what is happening in the world, while you deprive this right several false mass media. Duck media per your money misinforming you, hiding the truth.
In connection with this question:
When you clamor for the truth? You have the right to know everything! Open your eyes! Require legal penalties for false media reports!

Falsehood - a territory of the devil!

p.s. Sorry for my english

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Филя написал в 09:20, 18.04.2014
эээ... Че, мля?
Филя написал в 10:50, 18.04.2014
Бесполезно. Да и западный народ нифига не решает, решают его пастыри.